How many of you broke your MBR while trying to add another Operating System. You are in luck, to fix it you do not need more than 5 minutes.
Here are the steps to do it:
1. Select from BIOS the Cd-ROM/DVD-ROM as your first boot device.
2. Save options and exit
3. Put the bootable Windows 7/XP/Vista in your CD-ROM and press any key when you see the prompt “Press any key to boot from CDROM”
4. You will get prompted with a blue screen. Press “R” for repair
5. Select the Windows you have installed(7, XP, Vista) and then enter your Administrator password.
6. You will see a DOS/CMD prompt. Just type in “FIXMBR”.
7. After the MBR is fixed typed in “EXIT” for the system to restart.

That is all! The MBR should be fixed now.

Good luck!