What is planning  and why plan?

Well planning is basically a concrete view of an idea. A plan is a mental view that shows who, how, when and where somebody a has to do an action and in which purpose.

We cannot plan everything in life or in our careers, but “no plan” is still a plan. We need to make a plan because it can show us what will happen, or what should happen in our quest to reach a goal or implement an idea.

A concrete plan can help us follow the milestones that are needed to reach an objective and can show everybody that is aware of the it, what they have to do, when and with which resources.


Does planning really work in practice ?

Well most of the time it does not work well in practice, because people do not invest enough effort and time. A good planning, needs a lot of effort and also it has to solve a problem, reach an objective or implement a good idea. If nobody believes in an idea, then why should they believe in your plan? If you cannot sell your idea to you, then why would somebody believe in it, thus why they should be interested in following your plan ?

A planner who does not know that about freewheeling and brainstorming and about the fact that the 70th idea is probably the best one, will create a plan where this is missing.

In some cases, even if the planning is properly done, but the people did not buy into your idea, then it is useless.


How to correctly make a plan?

Any plan, it does not matter if it is for a day, week, year, 10-years is made out of 2 main things

  1. The Goal that must be attained
  2. The way in which we attain that goal (WHO, WHEN, WHAT and HOW)


Setting a goal that must be attained

You need to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is important in my life ?
  2. How do I want to use my time ?
  3. What are my limits ?
  4. What I really want to be ?

In other words what is my ideal goal on the long term ?

The first 2 questions shows that it is not easy to setup a long term goal. Maybe i want to be a successful business owner, but i also want to spend 80% of my time practicing mindfulness.

We always have to try to learn from the past. Ask yourself the following questions

  • What can I learn from my past ?
  • What results did i have from my previous goal planning? What was good, what was bad, how can i improve it ?
  •  What are my strong points ? What possibilities do I have today to reach my goals ? What obstacles will I have ?


The way in which we attain that goal (WHO, WHEN, WHAT and HOW)

This is basically setting up your priorities. On you can know the answer to these questions. I will try to help with an example. For eg. if your professional goal is to launch a new product on the market, then you can:

  1. WHO will launch this product on the market ? Will I be in charge ?
  2. WHEN do I plan to launch it ?
  3. WHAT do I need to do, to make sure that it is launched ?
  4. HOW can I start working on this ?


So what are you waiting for ? Go and setup a clear plan on reaching your goal!