Do you inspire your employees?

This is an important part of any manager’s role. It’s not just a nice thing – it’s a requirement (although many managers are not held to a high enough standard). Inspiring team members is a requirement because managers are responsible for optimising performance and retention – and uninspired employees don’t do their best work and often do not stay for too long.

So with that, here are a few ideas for how to inspire others. Feel free to add your ideas in the comments.

  1. Be a role model (of courage). When our managers demonstrate courage, this will inspire us to do the same and we will respect them all the more.
  2. Take a stand. Share your perspective and be open. The most inspiring leaders have a strong vision for how things ought to be.
  3. Listen more, speak less. Show your employees that you value input and collaboration. This applies to your team members and peers. Be truly interested in them and try to see the issue from their side.
  4. Beat your goals and don’t rest until you do. People want to work for successful leaders.
  5. Make them feel important. In fact, swap places with them every now and then. Show them you want to understand what their world looks and feel like and that their work is truly important (and believe that is true)
  6. Represent your employee’s needs to senior management and with your peers. Take the initiative to make things better. Wow, that will speak volumes about your intention to serve them and this is very inspiring.
  7. Adopt a win-win attitude. Show them what they can learn even in boring tasks or some they do not like. Nothing inspires more people to do their best if they are seeing that they could gain something from it.

The above 7 ways of inspiring and motivating others is a must for any manager. That said, I have met several managers who flatly reject that they need to inspire others. If that’s you, I recommend another career path because you obviously don’t understand the power and importance of your management position.

What are your ways of inspiring others?