We always hear about adopting a win-win attitude, but how can we achieve this ?

Here you will find 5 steps on how to think on your next negotiation and try to achieve a win-win outcome:

Step1 – Thinking assertive

This way of thinking basically says “I do not have to lose for somebody else to win” or “If i win, somebody has to lose”. There is always a possibility of a good result that it is beneficial to both parties.

Step2 – Mentioning your own needs and wishes

Mention clearly your needs and apply the Litmus method of negotiation by answering before the meeting/negotiation the following questions:

a. What would i want to achieve ideally ? (eg. the best price i want to achieve)

b. What would please me ?   (eg. on what price it would be considered as good)

c. What would satisfy me enough ? (eg. a price that is not good, or best, but it is good enough)

d. What would be below my expectation ? (eg. a price that is below my expectations)

e. What would be a price that is not in my favour, a price that i have to decline ? (eg. a price that is a deal breaker)


Now let’s get to an example. Let’s say you want to buy a house that is listed at 100 000$ and you have a budget of 100 000$. We will try to answer the above questions.

a. Ideally I would like to buy the house with 80 000$

b. I would be pleased if i can negotiate to 85 000$

c. It would satisfy me if i can negotiate to 90 000$

d. Below my expectation would be 95 000$

e. A deal breaker if the price is not negotiated at all and the seller wants to sell it at 100 000$

Step3 – Finding the need of the other party/person

Always use open ended questions to find it out. Example of open ended questions:

a. How ?

b. Who?

c. Why ?

d. What exactly ?

e. Where/When ?

Try to use phrases like “Tell me more about …”

Do NOT use close ended questions like: “Do you think that ..”, “Does it have …” , “If i ..”

Step4 – Mutual agreement on the wishes

After you told your need and found out the others party need, try to get a mutual agreement on the way to go further.

Step5 – Finding solutions

This is the last part and it is self explanatory. If you now know what you want and you know what the other person wants, just try to find out the solutions possible.